Ласт Минут специјални попусти


Every Friday "LAST MINUTE"

Dear, Every Friday we have extraordinary "last minute" discounts on the remaining vacancies in our personalized arrangements. Feel free to call or check here in our offer for any extraordinary special discounts.

  • Passenger transport

    We offer transportation in one or two directions for all destinations with tourist buses or aircraft...

  • Travel insurance

    We offer group and individual insurance for passengers with different choice of franchises

  • Payment in installments

    Possibility to pay 12 monthly installments without a credit card for the most relaxed holiday

Комплетна организација на патувања

Full Organization

Your direction - Our realization

Let's pamper you. A large selection of destinations in the country, abroad, to the rarest exotic destinations. Complete planning, selection of the most favorable terms, bus transportation, direct charter or transfer flight flights.